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Apart from being an online learning platform, CegastAcademy.com represents my dream of an ideal self-supporting, lifelong learning environment geared toward one great goal: overall personal development or self-improvement.

It is a dream of a different kind of learning environment grounded firmly in the below core principles:

  • Learning should be a lifelong enterprise for anyone desiring to remain a functioning and relevant human being in this time and age.
  • Self-education or independent learning is the most rewarding form of education.
  • Learning should never be a chore. Learning should be fun.
  • Learning should help manifest in the individual the qualities of self-leadership, self-discipline, and personal responsibility.
  • Learning should result in an improved quality of life.

What you will gain from CegastAcademy.com

  • solid, high-quality general arts/humanities study resources and mentoring
  • a much-improved chance for realizing your dream for further academic studies
  • powerful personal development messages¬† to help you achieve your most cherished goals

Discover more on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

What it all means to you …

It means that regardless of your age or location, with a private, lifelong learning platform like CegastAcademy.com, you can still have and use, at your own convenience, cutting-edge information and the most effective study tools to empower you to advance your academic, career and life goals.

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