Welcome to The Self-Support Guide, TSSG, your dependable self-help and personal development website.

Let me quickly ask you a question. Did you know that the greater proportion of the resources that you need to move to the next level can be found right inside your own SELF?

Yes. That’s just one of the many truths regarding the hidden powers of the human spirit. I believe that the majority of people in our world are struggling to make meaningful progress either because they’re ignorant of the existence of this power or because they are unwilling to use this power which has been given to them right at conception to improve their circumstances.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy getting external support simply because our world has become a dog-eat-dog place. It is a place for the survival of the fittest.

This is exactly why the need to support yourself as a way of improving your life is so crucial that you cannot ignore it anymore.

I’m here to help you do just that – helping you utilize your mind, your hands, your time, your immediate environment and your whole being more than you’ve ever done before to achieve more for yourself, your loved ones and your organization or community.

I offer you encouragement in place of discouragement.

I give you a message of hope and inspiration as you strive to achieve more through self-help.

I share with you the skills and knowledge needed to make personal progress in spite of the lack of support from others.

You are about to discover a wealth of information about how to use your own effort to reach higher in areas such as education, career development, health, money matters and personal relationship.

 A word of caution:

This site does not offer get-rich-quick solutions. I do not profess to make you rich even. You know why? Because I cannot make you rich.

The only person who has what it takes to make you rich is you.

I’ve come a long way judging by where I had to begin from. So I have the experience to show you how to use your personal resources to create a much better life than the one you want to leave behind.

You can easily find out more about my personal successes and failures.

It is entirely possible for your efforts to become extremely rewarding for you because, for close to two decades, I’ve mentored thousands of people with the same ideas you will discover here and the majority are now doing just fine.

That’s my strong point and I’m proud of it.

So, in a nutshell, my goals for The Self-Support Guide, TSSG, include showing you how to

  •  develop your talent and potential
  •  open your mind to new possibilities
  •  push your boundaries of  career development
  •  make your personal dreams and aspirations become a reality
  •  improve your quality of life.

Let’s do it together because I strongly believe we can!


Ralph Nyadzi.

Owner & Site Editor