Apart from being an online learning platform, CegastAcademy.com represents my dream of an ideal self-supporting, independent learning environment. It is a dream shared by you, I believe – that is why you’re reading this.

It is a dream of a different kind of learning environment grounded firmly in the below core principles:

  • Learning must result in the realization of a meaningful and fulfilling life.
  • Equal (if not greater) emphasis should be placed on the acquisition of essential life skills just as it is on the usual academic stuff.
  • Learning should be a lifelong enterprise for anyone desiring to remain a functioning and relevant person regardless of age.
  • Self-education or independent learning is the most rewarding form of education.
  • The best place for the most meaningful learning is not the classroom – it is to be found in our everyday activities and experiences in the real world.
  • Rote learning is the most useless enterprise ever undertaken. What real people like you and me need is knowledge to help us tackle the real, everyday issues we face. So, even traditional academic subjects must relate to the practical issues confronting mankind.
  • Learning should never be a chore. It should be fun and it should be beneficial to everyday living.
  • Learning should help manifest in the individual the qualities of self-leadership, self-discipline and personal responsibility.

The above principles summarize my idea of total, independent lifelong learning which is a must for anyone desiring to improve their lot.

What CegastAcademy.com is offering you

Total Lifelong Learning (1)

I’m offering you a four-way learning proposition called total, independent lifelong learning: 

  • get informed
  • pursue further academic studies, if you like
  • apply what you’ve learned in your everyday life
  • acquire the necessary life skills to make your learning relevant to you and to your environment.

Ralph Nyadzi Author(3)

mature university entrance exam guide

Here are just two of the many ways you will profit from my kind of academy

  • You will have unrestricted access to a democratized, total, independent lifelong learning platform.
  • You will discover ideas, skills and techniques from my articles, ebooks, courses, study guides, etc which will enable you to discover yourself, build your self-confidence, and become a more self-reliant and much-improved individual.
Get inspired

Thanks to the awesome tools provided by the internet …

We are gleefully pulling down all the outmoded barriers to meaningful learning for real people, aren’t we?

What it all means to you …

It means that regardless of your age, location, gender, economic, educational or social background, with a virtual independent learning platform like CegastAcademy.com, you can still have and use, at your own convenience, the most useful information to empower you to improve yourself and to do more for those you care about.

Ralph Nyadzi Author(2)

Meet the Team

For now, I’m running a one-man show!

Who is Ralph Nyadzi?

I’m just like one of those focused, ordinary guys you’ll find in your neighbourhood on a typical day. Nothing much, really. Just that I’m a bit idealistic and ambitious –  almost to a fault. Picture my face with a shy, warm grin right now. Yea, you’ve got it. That’s me for you.

Why don’t you check out your special welcome page?

Let the truth be told …

I love to teach. But I love teaching in unorthodox ways.

For me, learning is only meaningful if it is made to be fun and practical. Rather than imprison the mind, making it incapable of acting on its own, knowledge should liberate the mind of the learner to make them explore more and become more.

Read my story here in case you wish to discover more about me.



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