What Are Your Non – Negotiables?

Photo by Brian Kostiuk on Unsplash

Learn to say an emphatic NO when you must. We live in a world where too many people believe that the only way they can make a headway is to take undue advantage of others. It is for this reason that each one of us needs to draw a red line somewhere that no one else is allowed to cross.

As a self – employed individual, the need for you to establish your non – negotiables becomes more urgent. This is because you are solely responsible for your life, so to speak. What I mean is this: while your former schoolmates will just have to wait for the month or week to end, as the case may be, so they receive their salaries from an employer, you will have to create your income all by yourself.

You cannot, therefore, afford to allow your customers, your employees, your friends and relatives or even your suppliers to treat you and your small business as they please. You have to dictate the rules which should always be in the best interest of the business.

Your non – negotiables should be spelt out clearly to anyone you will have to have any kind of transaction with. Insist on everything working in a way as to be in your best interest.

Let’s take a look at some areas you can draw the line while dealing with others.

  • Terms of repayment of a loan if you happen to be a micro – lender
  • Time of reporting for work for your employees
  • Efficient use of resources including cash and time to avoid wastage
  • Adherence to all rules regarding chain of command
  • Appropriate customer service
  • Behaviour of customers and visitors according to your standards and norms
  • The extent to which your family members or friends are allowed to express their opinions regarding the running of the business.

These are just a few of the many areas you will have to set the boundaries.

Establishing your non – negotiables and drawing the red line which no one is allowed to cross is so crucial to both your business and personal success. Those who go through life by allowing themselves to be swayed and blown off course by any wind that blows never achieve anything to their full potential.

And remember always: the majority of people act and speak in ways that will inure to their own benefit, or at best they refuse to keep their mouths shut in spite of their ignorance about your realities and your goals. That is why you need to protect your interests by allowing only what is allowable.

Do not make yourself an easy pushover. Learn to say no occasionally.


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