6 Groundbreaking Lessons Hattie Bryant Can Teach You About Small Business Success

Much of what I think, do and write today is a result of my intellectual association with several experts on the ideas of entrepreneurship, achievement and personal development. One such individual to whom I owe my ability to go on to establish my adult learning centre back in 2001 and to make it very successful is Hattie Bryant.

You may never have heard of the name but if you were an avid consumer of everything about entrepreneurship in the media like me, at the turn of the millennium, you couldn’t have missed Small Business 2000, my idol’s flagship TV program.

I wish to share with you just six of Hattie Bryant’s simple but groundbreaking ideas which will certainly propel your small business to the next level.

1. Stick to your niche and you can get rich

Hattie Bryant teaches that the most effective way to manage your small business successfully so that it can experience exponential growth is to stay focused on a particular segment of the market and keep giving them the best of what they are willing to buy.

Sticking to your niche increases your impact in a massive way as you gain traction by becoming an expert or a reliable reference point for an increasing number of loyal, adoring customers.

2. Learn today, earn tomorrow.

In the Television series, Small Business 2000, Hattie Bryant helped me to appreciate the need to learn as much about my trade as possible. The more you learn from others, from books, from the internet and from anywhere practically possible, the greater wisdom you will gain. This then places you in a unique position to leverage your business. You will now be able to take advantage of any new opportunity which may come knocking.

The inside of a closed mind is always dark. And you know, you cannot take any meaningful step forward while you’re always surrounded by darkness. This is why you must keep learning to boost your chances of success in the future.

3. Create a product which people can hardly do without.

Cash flow is crucial for the health of any small business. The only way to ensure satisfactory cash flow is to keep the sales mill running. And how do you keep your customers coming and parting with their money at your shop? By offering what they know they must have!

This is the reason why many experts in product turnover will tell you to get down to the basics and offer for sale items or services which satisfy customers’ basic needs.

Talk of food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter, education, beauty, communication, information and the like. These are just a few of the areas you may consider looking for a saleable product for your startup.

4. Make your product known.

This may sound like commonplace small – business knowledge, but many micro entrepreneurs, including me, sometimes neglect this to the detriment of the survival and growth of our businesses.

Hattie Bryant insists on the need for any self- employed small business owner to devise effective methods to market and promote whatever they are offering to the public. For people to buy from you, they must first know that you have something to help them solve their problem.

While at it, find out how you can keep your startup costs as low as possible. Remember that the effectiveness of your marketing efforts does not depend on how much money you’ve got to spend on the whole exercise.

5. Respect your employees as human beings.

Each employee has a special gift to give for the good of the business. Identify this gift in every one of your workers.Respect them for who they are. Make them feel good and wanted always.

This is the secret to unlocking the immense contributions that these wonderful people are capable of making towards the rise and rise of your business.

6. Remember that the future holds great prospects for any business.

This is how much Hattie Bryant infected me with a persistent dose of positivity. Though this assertion about the future prospects of any business is debatable, what you need to take away from it is this:

Do not give up easily at the sight of early signs of disappointment. Keep moving forward, stay motivated and work harder and in no time you’ll begin to experience the amazing joys of being your own boss.

Stick to your niche and you’ll get rich sooner than later. Thank you, Hattie Bryant.


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