Quite often, we don’t really have to look far to find the cause or causes of lack of progress in our lives. What is preventing you from achieving your goals in that business, job or relationship may be too close to see easily.

Next time you’re desperately searching for answers to your lack of achievement no matter how hard you try, I urge you to do a serious re-examination of your thought processes.

Here are a number of ways your current way of thinking could be responsible for your mistakes and failures.

1. When you keep thinking every other person is out to get you

This could be preventing you from enlisting the support of others to complement your efforts. While it is true that you need to do a lot for yourself, there’s no way you can do everything.

You will need others with the strengths, talents or skills you lack in order that you can execute your plans effectively. There are still good people out there who want the best for you. You can’t find these angels if you don’t search hard enough.

2. You don’t believe in your own abilities.

One known cause of this self-defeating mentality is an unsupportive environment during our formative years. A home or school environment where all you heard as a child growing up was that you were destined to be a “good-for-nothing loser” could have taken away much of your self-confidence.

But it isn’t too late to begin to believe in yourself. From today, you need to start believing that you’re as competent and as gifted with certain positive qualities just like that other person you see confidently doing great things for themselves.

From this moment, begin to love who you are.

3. You’ve stopped accepting the fact that there are possibilities around you.

Ever heard Russell Conwell’s Acres of Diamonds message? Please read it if you haven’t yet done so.

There is so much that can be done with whatever you have at this very moment. There are examples of many individuals who rose from serious personal limitations to achieve great things in their lifetime. You too can be one more example if only you can trust in the possibilities of life.

Go out there and embrace your world, explore and discover its hidden possibilities.

4. You don’t trust in the abilities of others.

For many of us very ambitious individuals, there is this tendency to refuse to recognize the abilities of others. In other words, in our drive to always perform our tasks most efficiently, we brush aside the thought of enlisting outside help just because we don’t trust that others are equally up to the task.

But here exactly is where the problem lies because that’s not the reality at all. Believe it or not, people are capable; sometimes more capable than we are. We only find out and are pleasantly surprised when we try them.

5. You think about your own benefits and comforts only.

There is very little to gain if you’re not willing to sometimes place yourself in uncomfortable situations or place the interests of others above your own.

Suffer to gain. This may be an old school saying but it remains true. Your what-is-in-it-for-me attitude could be the major cause of your current lack of progress.

So what should you do? Begin to consciously sacrifice for others a little. Learn to do the most demanding tasks too. Just allow yourself to suffer a little and wait for the blessings to follow soon because they surely will.

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6. You always want it now.

Instant gratification! That’s the password for this mentality.

The desire for instant gratification or immediate rewards and pleasures has always been the cause of too many failed enterprises.

Personally, I have come across people who take small business loans only to fail to pay back and ruin their credit-worthiness simply because they chose to enjoy themselves immediately with borrowed money.

The truth is you can’t achieve much if you’re not prepared to delay gratification today in order to invest in the future.

7. You continue to think that it only takes crooked means for one to move up.

Much as you may see some people of little integrity doing well financially, that does not take away the basic fact that a life of integrity remains the better option for anyone interested in a life of peace and fulfillment.

You may not end up having much with a life built on truth and honesty but I can assure you that the little that you have will be more than enough for you to live in peace together with the people you care about.

So what?

The way we think is the number one decider of our place in life. Either we think in positive ways which will take us to our dream destinations or we allow our minds to harbour negative thoughts that will only make life unbearable for us now or in the future.

As I’ve written elsewhere about the traits of serial achievers, the things that will make or break you are not on the outside, they’re right inside you. And that includes your mentality.

Photo by Charles Etoroma on Unsplash