It’s great to meet you here!


My name is Ralph. Where I come from, a Friday-born male is automatically Kofi so feel free to call me Kofi, if you like.

I’m going to show you briefly why you need to read my articles, take a look at my services and products (as and when they become available) and go on to contact me.

What you’ll gain from me:

You will have easy access to lifelong learning resources meant to inform and inspire you to take charge of your own destiny (in your own unique way) so that you can move to the next level … and the next level … and the next level …

My Passion

From personal experience and by actively learning (for close to two decades) from some of the greatest minds in the world on the issues of success and achievement, I’ve come to develop the unshakable belief that it will forever be possible for any individual or group to achieve a great deal even without much external support.

Therefore, I love to produce and share information that can transform the lives of people who are not able to benefit from adequate outside help.

As you can see, I’m consumed by this burning desire to help others to use any life-changing information to enable them to make meaningful progress in their individual lives.


My Story

Without any high school education nor assistance from a single private tutor (due to the well-known financial obstacles), I managed to bag a Division One with Distinction School Certificate as a private candidate in the GCE ‘O’ Level/School Cert Examination.

I went on to chalk a similar feat in the GCE ‘A’ Level Examination as well, under the same circumstances. So, I gained admission to the university against all odds.

I excelled there, too.

Evidence? I am a recipient of The Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence from my alma mater, the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

FYI. Before all these, I passed with another Distinction at the Middle School level.

And you know something? I’ve been in self-employment since I left university almost two decades ago. That’s definitely not an ordinary accomplishment in my part of the world.

For the past sixteen years, and still counting, I’ve successfully guided, mentored and coached thousands of adult learners for various examinations such as the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), University Entrance Examination for Mature Candidates as well as undergraduate and diploma level examinations.

My background actually includes qualifications in English, Classics, Educational Psychology, Guidance & Counselling and School Administration.

My Motivations

I know, I know. It sounds like I’m blowing my own horn, right? Well, that has never been my intention because I don’t need to.

And to tell you the truth, I’m not the typical smart guy.

I compare myself more to the talented soccer coach who knows how to produce the goals and win the game without necessarily playing a spectacularly beautiful game.

I just have this natural obsession with creating something out of nothing.

Personally, I hate being the centre of attention so you can guess how difficult it was for me to take this decision to share part of my modest personal successes with you.

It’s not been an easy decision. It’s just that this approach happens to be one of the key requirements for becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

Here’s another important fact you need to know about me.

I’ve failed several times too, and I haven’t stopped failing.

I’ve failed at a number of ventures since I became a solopreneur. I’ve struggled. I’ve had to contend with daunting personal and career challenges. Many times, I’ve toiled and sweated without realizing the dream.

In fact, I came close to giving up on several occasions when I felt extremely lonely without any help from any one of the sources you can think of.

But somehow, I’ve managed to keep going. I’m proud to say I’ve achieved a lot judging by my origins and going by the standards of my immediate environment.

I take inspiration from the saying that if you’re not missing your steps and you’re not falling down regularly it only betrays one sad fact: you’re not moving forward fast enough!

Now you may ask why am I saying all these?

I’ve done this for two main reasons:

  • to assist you to decide whether to trust whatever I will tell you regarding the power of lifelong learning and self-help as effective tools for achieving your personal goals.
  • to motivate you in case you find yourself in a situation similar to mine.

I’m here to give you all the information I can give to make you move from ground zero (or wherever you may be in your life at this moment) to the next level.






  • Do you need critical advice to help and improve yourself?
  • Want to benefit from online mentoring to become a more successful high school/undergraduate student or independent learner?
  • Want guidance to enable you to thrive in self-employment despite your seeming inadequate resources?
  • Want help to write better online and produce more relevant content?
  • Do you wish to continue learning on your own to gain a greater understanding of the everyday issues that affect the world around you?

I’m able to assist you to achieve your burning desire. Find more resources here.