WASSCE Study Guides (1)


You’re most welcome to the WASSCE Study Guides page. I have only one goal for you here – to guide you to perform creditably in the examination, whether you’re a school or private (NOV/DEC) candidate.

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Ralph Nyadzi

I’ve constructed this page and will continue to develop it to meet all your needs. I will appreciate it very much if you’ll leave your comments on any issue of interest to you.

Because this is your page, your one-stop shop to study and understand the topics in the WASSCE/Senior High School syllabus, whether you’re a regular student or an independent learner.

Just click on any topic that interests you.

Literature-in-English, Elective

Summary of Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless

Summary of the Themes and Characters in Amma Darko’s Novel, Faceless


History, Elective

Relevant topics in the WASSCE History Syllabus, Objective Test


Economics, Elective

A comprehensive list of top past questions on the definition of terms in Economics

The simplest way to understanding all the terms relating to cost in Economics 

Problems facing the agricultural sector in West Africa and their solutions 

Outline five measures that can be used to conserve the natural resources of your country

33 Likely questions on solutions to economic problems

Identify five sources of monopoly in the economy.

A complete list of the definitions of major international economic organizations

Distinguish between devaluation, revaluation and depreciation of a currency.

The definitions of the major types of economic integration



Government Section A, Elective


Government Section B, Elective



Christian Religious Studies, Elective



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